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**Highlights** ![][1] This feature allows you to select text to highlight, copy, or create a goal. Once you select text, you have the following choices: * **Highlight **– This will highlight the text in yellow. It will also save that text in the Highlights section of the Home screen for easy navigation. * **C…

Why do the downloaded reports expire after 60 days?

* The report PDFs are designed to expire after 60 days to protect participant data. If the report you downloaded has expired simply download the PDF from DST again, resetting the 60 day expiration.

I can't see my Participant List

* This is a browser compatibility issue. We recommend Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Internet Explorer is not recommended.


**Goals** Development goals help you focus your efforts on key improvements that you have identified to continue your leadership journey. Often times, these are tied to core competencies needed to be successful at your leadership level in the organization. ![][1] 1. Select the Goals button to open the My Goals wind…

How do I send a feedback report to a participant?

* First activate [Compass ][1]for the participant in DST. This will generate an invitation email to the participant containing a link to create their Compass account. The Compass site can be located at [][2]. * In Compass, the reports can be found under the Assessments tab. PDF copies of t…

Development Opportunities

**Development Opportunities ** This tab displays your strengths or potential areas for development based on your selections of results that pleased or displeased you using the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down. Hover over the information icon to view the items mapped to each competency. Click the star next to the Compass tit…

How do I activate Compass for my participant?

![][1] * In DST search for the participant or session for which you wish to activate Compass. Locate the participant list for your assessment session. * In the participant list displayed, locate the participant(s) you wish to activate Compass for, check the box next to the participant(s) you wish to activate, the…

Compass Quick Start Guide

![][1] _A printable PDF of this guide is available at the bottom of the page_ [1]:


**Competencies ** ![][1] * The Competencies link (left navigation) takes you to the full list of competencies in CCL Compass. * Select the down arrow in the upper right corner to filter the competencies by category. * Selecting the star icon creates a bookmark for that competency, and displays it in the Bo…

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