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Development goals help you focus your efforts on key improvements that you have identified to continue your leadership journey. Often times, these are tied to core competencies needed to be successful at your leadership level in the organization. 


1. Select the Goals button to open the My Goals window. All goals will be listed. 

2. If looking at a competency detail page, it will remain open behind the My Goals window. 

3. Select the Add a Goal link to open a new goal detail window. 

4. See All Goals displays a detailed list of all goals, including goal name, description, status, and whether or not it is marked as private. 


Goal Details Window 



1. After clicking the Add a Goal link, add the Goal Name and the Goal Description.  

2. You are able to make your goals private so that only you can see them. Not marking them private allows your Facilitator/Coach to see them (if you are working with one).  

3. Download the goal into a PDF or share your goal via email with others.  

4. Add Action Items to keep you focused by selecting the Add Action Item link. Items that have past due dates are highlighted in red.  

5. The Plan for Success section provides optional questions you can answer to insure you are on the path to success.  



See All Goals 

Display all of your goals in a simple chart. You can sort the list by name, status, or private. 


1. Select one or more goals to activate the Share or Download buttons. 
2. Share your goals via email with your Coach or others. 
3. Selected goals can be downloaded into a PDF file. 
4. Click the goal name to view the goal details.

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