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  • The Competencies link (left navigation) takes you to the full list of competencies in CCL Compass. 

  • Select the down arrow in the upper right corner to filter the competencies by category. 

  • Selecting the star icon creates a bookmark for that competency, and displays it in the Bookmarks section on the Home Screen for easy access. 

Competency Detail Page 
Selecting a competency will give you a more detailed look at it. The competency detail page is divided into sections, which are color-coded. As you scroll through the content, the progression bar at the bottom displays the section you are in. You can scroll, use the Next and Back buttons, or navigate to a color-coded section. Click the Download button in the upper right corner to save a PDF version of the content. 


If you are still unable to resolve your issue, please contact a CCL Client Success Specialist by selecting "Request Support" here or in the top right corner of the screen.
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