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What do the pink and green highlights on my report mean?

On a 360 report these colored highlights indicate the **highest and lowest rated items**. * The _N *_ highest rated items (including tied scores) for each rater group are bracketed and shaded in green. * The _N *_ lowest rated items (including tied scores) are underlined and shaded in red. * If multiple rater …

Why isn't the Others category plotted on the chart?

* The charts indicate the relationship of you rater category scores with the category norm scores. The **Other** category is used differently by participants for different types and relationships of colleagues. Therefore no meaningful norm score can be calculated. ![][1] [1]: https://hf-files-oregon.s3.amazona…

Why do some of the scores have an asterisk (*) next to them?

* **Rater disagreement **- An asterisk (*) by an item indicates a gap of three points or more in your ratings from at least two individuals in that rater group on that item. ![][1] [1]:…

Why are my Peer and Direct Reports scores combined?

* **Peers **and **Direct Reports **are protected rater groups. If your report contains feedback from exactly two Peers and two Direct Reports, a combined score will be reported and labeled "Peers/Direct Reports".

General Interpretation guide

● Do you and your boss agree on which competencies are most important for success? ● What competencies were rated highest and lowest by others? ● Were there any differences between Self and All Raters scores? Pay particular attention to areas in which you rated yourself high and your observers rated you low. ● Wher…

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