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Create New Session
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What Is a Session?

  • A session is a way to group a set of participants who will be taking the same assessment for the same general purpose within the same general timeframe. You can group your participants into sessions that best fit your business or your client’s business. The following are some examples of different kinds of sessions:
    • Session Title: Leadership At the Beginning
      • A group of graduate students who are participating in a leadership seminar that includes the Benchmarks for Managers assessment.
    • Session Title: Acme Coaching - September
      • Managers and executives that work for Acme and are a part of September individual coaching sessions that include the Skillscope assessment.
    • Session Title: Edward Executive
      • The session used to administer Benchmarks for Managers to Mr. Edward Executive. His executive peers are also participating in some coaching, but each will get their own session. 


A session has the following data elements; required elements are noted with an asterisk here and on the Create New Session page:

  • Session Title* - As described above, this labels your group of participants. This is also shown to the participants and raters in emails from CCL, as well as on their assessment survey.
  • Client Organization - This is an optional field that you can use to label sessions according to your needs. It is not displayed to the participants or raters.
  • Assessment - Select the assessment that will be administered to the participants in this session. If you have a participant(s) who will be taking more than one CCL assessment, you will need to create a separate session for each assessment experience.
  • Session Date - This is an optional field that can be used when a session is a specific gathering of participants taking place on a specific date. 
  • Survey Completion* - This field is used to communicate a due date to the participants and raters. This date is used in email communications with participants and raters as well as presented in the Assessment Portal, where they complete their survey.
  • Auto-email Invitations - This is an optional field. If you put a date in this field, participants will be sent their invitation emails on the specified date. If there is no date in this field, the Assessment Administrator will need to manually trigger the invitation emails using the Send Invitations function.
  • Reminders - You may define 0, 1, 2, or 3 reminders. If a date is defined in these field(s), IAS will email, on that date(s), a reminder to participants and raters who have not completed their survey. If you do not set reminders, you will be prompted to confirm that reminders are not desired. (Rater reminders can also be sent by the participant.)


  • Upon clicking the Create Session button, you will be presented with a confirmation pop-up. This will have an option to return to create another session (by clicking OK) or to proceed to Register Participants in the session you just created.


If you are still unable to resolve your issue, please contact a CCL Client Success Specialist by selecting "Request Support" here or in the top right corner of the screen.
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