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Overview of the Admin/Facilitator process
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  1. First, you will purchase your assessment online. (**Benchmarks for Executives, Learning Agility, and By Design are hosted on a different platform. After placing your order, you will receive a form to submit participant information to the 360Suite. The following instructions will not apply to these assessments**). You can also contact one of our Client Advisors at 336.545.2810, selecting Option # 1 to place an order.


  1. Once your purchase is processed, your inventory will populate in the Internet Assessment System (IAS) portal ( Look for the email invitation to create a password and security question to access the portal.


  1. From the IAS portal, you will View/Tag Inventory, Create a New Session, Register the Participants in the session (which pulls an assessment from your inventory for each participant), and Send an email Invitation to each participant. You will see these segments once logged into IAS. (Screen shots in the attached PDF).


  1. The participants will receive an invitation to the Assessment portal ( ), and assign their raters. All participant and rater surveys will be completed in this portal. (Internet Explorer is NOT recommended for portal access).


  1. You can check the status of your participants in IAS by Viewing the Status Reports. This will indicate if the participant has accessed/completed the survey, as well as rater status. All Participants must complete their self-assessment, and have a minimum of 4 rater responses in two scorable rater categories to request scoring. Your Peer and Direct Report categories are confidential categories, and the participant must assign a minimum of 3-5 raters in each category.


  1. Once the Participants have completed their self-assessment, and enough raters have submitted surveys, you may Request Scoring in IAS. Select the participants you wish to score and enter the certified facilitator information that will deliver the feedback to participants. (Qualification/certification is required).


  1. Once scoring is complete the Facilitator will receive an email invitation to access the Delivery Support Tool ( ).


  1. The facilitator uses DST to review the feedback, retrieve the reports, and release Compass to the participants. We do not send reports via email. Please note the statement regarding the 60-day expiration of the PDF downloads.


  1. You will meet with your participants and review the report.


We have several resources available to you to set up and prepare your sessions, other than this knowledge base. Here is the link to the Assessment Resource page. This page has all of our assessments and supporting materials. You will also find Supplemental Resources, and Development planning guides here.

If you are still unable to resolve your issue, please contact a CCL Client Success Specialist by selecting "Request Support" here or in the top right corner of the screen.
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