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How to Order a CCL Assessment

**Benchmarks for Managers** and **Skillscope **are automated and self-administered and can be ordered online. * To order online, please use these links: * [Skillscope][1] * [Benchmarks for Managers][2] * When placing the order, the you (client) will enter the administrator information. * The _admini…

Assessment Admin Basic Steps

**1) Click on the link in the administrator email and set up a first time user profile.** ![][1] **2) Use View / Tag inventory to verify ordered instrument was incremented to inventory. Use order tag to ID participants, groups, etc. ** ![][2] **3) Create a session – Session titles can help organize by group, organ…

Overview of the Admin/Facilitator process

1. First, you will purchase your assessment _[online][1]_. (**_**Benchmarks for Executives, Learning Agility, and By Design are hosted on a different platform. After placing your order, you will receive a form to submit participant information to the 360Suite. **___**The following instructions will not apply to thes…

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