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What happens if I do not receive all responses in each category?

Responses received will be combined in aggregate to protect respondent anonymity. If you do not receive the minimum number of responses, you will not receive a question level breakout of answers in that rater category. The minimums for each category are shown on the rater management page. Please note: If an Immediate…

How do I re-send invitation emails to my raters?

![][1] * To resend an invitation email navigate to the Rater Management page * Locate the category for the rater you wish to re-send the invitation to, then select the "Raters" drop down arrow to display a list of assigned raters * Select the mail icon on the right to re-send the invitation email to that rater …

Who should I choose as my raters?

Research on 360 feedback instruments indicates that the most accurate feedback comes from raters who know your work best. Think in terms of finding individuals who have significant professional interactions with you on a regular basis. Some of these people may be outside of your organizational hierarchy--for example, …

Why can’t I see if a specific rater has returned a survey?

* Studies have shown that raters are more likely to give candid feedback if they know their responses will be anonymous. At CCL we promise some of the raters, especially Peers and Direct Reports categories, that their responses will always be combined with others in the category. In order to preserve that anonymity …

How do I correct or modify a rater assignment?

![][1] * If the rater has not accessed their survey you can delete them from the rater list and re-add them with the correct information. To remove a rater access the list in the drop down beneath the respective rater category on the Rater Management screen. Re-add the rater with the corrected information and invit…

How soon will my raters receive access?

* After you enter the rater information and select the "Invite" button, emails containing login links and instructions are sent within the hour. Please note that some email services take longer to deliver to individual mailboxes than others.

Is rater feedback anonymous?

* Yes. The responses returned by your raters are combined within the rater categories. A participant cannot determine the responses for any single rater. * **Please note**: If a boss, superior, or other response is received, responses from this rater category will be displayed in isolation.

What happens to all of the responses received from my raters?

* The responses returned by your raters, as well as your self-survey responses, will be scored to produce a feedback report. You will receive this report during your program or feedback session.

How do I add raters?

![][1] * From the participant home page select the "Raters" button for your assessment. You will be taken to the Rater Management page for that assessment. * Locate the category you wish to add raters to and select the "Add" button. ![][2] * Enter the email, name, and language for each rater. If you need add…

How long do my raters have to complete their surveys?

![][1] * Raters have the same completion date as participants. Please refer to the "Your Assignments" screen for your specific date. [1]:

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