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Why do the downloaded reports expire after 60 days?

* The report PDFs are designed to expire after 60 days to protect participant data. If the report you downloaded has expired simply download the PDF from DST again, resetting the 60 day expiration.

I can't see my Participant List

* This is a browser compatibility issue. We recommend Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Internet Explorer is not recommended.

Who should I choose as my raters?

This process outlines steps to follow when adding raters and sending their survey invitations. For best results follow these steps: * Identify who your raters will be. * Inform your raters they will be part of the 360 process. * Access the Rater Management page for your assessment and click the "Add" button for…

Assessment Admin Basic Steps

**1) Click on the link in the administrator email and set up a first time user profile.** ![][1] **2) Use View / Tag inventory to verify ordered instrument was incremented to inventory. Use order tag to ID participants, groups, etc. ** ![][2] **3) Create a session – Session titles can help organize by group, organ…

Skillscope® Compass features

ASSESSMENT WINDOW ![][1] Competencies (tab) – Displays the competencies and the Importance for Success results. Written Comments (tab) – Displays the written comments provided by your raters. You can view them online and download. Development Opportunities (tab) – This chart indicates your strengths and potential …


**Goals** Development goals help you focus your efforts on key improvements that you have identified to continue your leadership journey. Often times, these are tied to core competencies needed to be successful at your leadership level in the organization. ![][1] 1. Select the Goals button to open the My Goals wind…

Why do some of the scores have an asterisk (*) next to them?

* **Rater disagreement **- An asterisk (*) by an item indicates a gap of three points or more in your ratings from at least two individuals in that rater group on that item. ![][1] [1]:…

How do I send a feedback report to a participant?

* First activate [Compass ][1]for the participant in DST. This will generate an invitation email to the participant containing a link to create their Compass account. The Compass site can be located at [][2]. * In Compass, the reports can be found under the Assessments tab. PDF copies of t…

Why are my Peer and Direct Reports scores combined?

* **Peers **and **Direct Reports **are protected rater groups. If your report contains feedback from exactly two Peers and two Direct Reports, a combined score will be reported and labeled "Peers/Direct Reports".

Create New Session

**What Is a Session?** * A session is a way to group a set of participants who will be taking the same assessment for the same general purpose within the same general timeframe. You can group your participants into sessions that best fit your business or your client’s business. The following are some examples of di…

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