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Live Online Enrollment Guide
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A client guide to CCL Leadership Accelerator (CLA) course inventory


Delivery Process 

Access Inventory


  • After your order is complete, you will be able to access your inventory via our CCL Leadership Accelerator (CLA) learning platform.
  • If you are new to CLA, you will receive an invitation to activate your account.
  •  Email confirmations are sent for all orders verifying when inventory has been added.
  •  In addition to any courses you may already have access to in CLA, you will now see the Enrollments icon displayed in the top right corner of your screen which is where you can access your inventory.

  • View your inventory on the Enrollments screen:



Create a Session

  • The top section, Available Seats, allows you to see your total available seats, used seats, and remaining seats.
  • The Create a session button to the right of each course allows you to setup a new session. On that screen, you will be asked to name your session and select the inventory item/course you would like to include in the session.

Enroll Participants

  • The lower half of the Enrollments screen allows you to add users to sessions you have created. To enroll participants:
    • Click View Users to add individual users manually and make adjustments, or
    • Click Upload Users and then Download Template to utilize the batch-upload template. Enter participant information in the file and then return to the Upload Users page and click Choose File. Select your saved template to add all participants at once. 


Launch a Session

  • To launch a session and send out participant invitations, select Commit Session. You will have the option to launch invitations immediately or select a future send time/date. Participants will have 6 months access from the Commit date
  • To edit a session, select Edit Session. This button is only available before a session is committed and only allows for a session name or course change.
  • Once a session has been committed the seats have been used regardless of attendance or participant access. However, you can edit existing participant information the same ways you set them up, but only if the participant has not accessed the program or already has an existing CLA account (this is most useful for fixing a name or email address if entered incorrectly).


Checking Status

  • After a session is launched the admin that created the session will also gain access to the course under My Courses which can be navigated to in the top right corner of the main enrollments page. 

  • If you have multiple sessions launched, a dropdown for Select Grouping will allow you to select your specific session for any given course. You can then select continue for that course and see everything a participant would see in that course. 
  • Once in your session course the Reports Icon near the top right corner will allow you to view multiple reports on your participants activity and completion.



  • Under CLA Reports the selection labeled Student Activity contains details on participant last access, Invite status if they have successfully logged in, and over all status of completion of the program. 
  • If you scroll to the far right of a participant name you will see a button to Resend Invite that you can use if your participant is having issues finding the original invite.


Before and After Launch

  • Before Committing/Launching a session it is key to communicate to your participants that they will get an email invite to the CLA platform. 
  • You Should also share with them that for workshop kits* they may have some light pre-work such as a self assessment but in most cases they will only need to enter the system and read through the course info page and prepare tile of their course. In the prepare tile there will be instructions for them to download their course materials for use during the program. 
  • Post program they should return to the course and explore the Apply tile for additional support reading and tools. 

* Full and multi-day programs such as Better Conversations Everyday and Lead 4 Success generally have a different layout that is covered in the certification process with trainers.

Glossary of Terms


  • CLA – CCL Leadership Accelerator is CCL’s digital learning platform where content and courses are delivered to participants. 
  • Session – A session is an online cohort created to assign participants and launch their content to them in batches. 
  • Participant Seat – The digital equivalent of a participant kit, a participant seat is the unique setup required for each Live Online participant. 
  • Commit – This launches the course, sends participant invitations, and grants access to course materials.

A PDF version of this guide is available for download at the bottom of the page

If you are still unable to resolve your issue, please contact a CCL Client Success Specialist by selecting "Request Support" here or in the top right corner of the screen.
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