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Rater management basics
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In addition to filling out their own survey, participants who are taking a 360 assessment will designate raters to submit feedback from the Rater Mangement section of the Assessment Portal. This page will give you an overview of the functions and information on the rater management page.

  • Upon selecting the "Raters" button on the "My Surveys" page, participants will be taken to the rater management page.
  • Each of the rater categories will be displayed here. Displayed beneath the rater category name are the recommended number of raters rater assignments and the minimum required number of rater assignments for that category.
  • Selecting the blue "Raters" text beneath the rater category name will display a list showing the rater's name, email address, and the language selected for them by the participant.
    • Selecting the mail icon next to a rater on the list will resend the invitation email to that rater.
    • Selecting the X icon next to a rater on the list will delete that rater and remove their access to the the feedback survey.
  • Participants can see the number of raters they’ve assigned to each category, as well as the number of raters who have completed their surveys (but not which raters have completed).
  • The “Remind All…” button will send an automated reminder email to all assigned raters. Raters who have submitted their survey will not receive an email, but participants are not able to tell who will receive a reminder to maintain rater confidentiality. The "Remind..." button to the right of each category name will only send reminder emails to the raters assigned to that category.
  • The "Add" button will take the participant the the add raters screen for a given category.

  • The Add Rater screen will display the rater type at the top, as well as the recommended and required number of raters.
  • To add a rater enter their email address, name, and the rater’s preferred language.
  • Once the rater(s)' information been entered, select the “Invite” button to send an invitation email to them. Invitation emails will be sent to the raters immediately, so it’s a good idea to double check that the info is correct before inviting. This screen can be returned to later if additional raters need to be added.
  • If additional rows are needed, select the “+” button in the lower left side of the screen

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