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Skillscope® Compass features
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Competencies (tab) – Displays the competencies and the Importance for Success results. 

Written Comments (tab) – Displays the written comments provided by your raters. You can view them online and download.  

Development Opportunities (tab) – This chart indicates your strengths and potential development areas based on the items selected that pleased or displeased you from your assessment, using the Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down icons.  

Competency titles (links) – Click the link to display item-level data associated with that competency. 

Clicking on a competency title takes you to the item-level detail. This section allows you to take a deeper dive into your data, and indicate which results pleased and displeased you. 

Thumbs (emotion icons) – Click to identify items that you are pleased with (Thumbs Up) or not pleased with 
(Thumbs Down). These selections inform the creation of your Development Opportunities Grid. 

Assessment Items – These are the behavioral items in the assessment for each competency. 

Self-Strength Indicator – Self-rating per item (blue-strength; orange-development area). 

Boss-Strength Indicator – Boss rating per item (blue-strength; orange-development area). 

Other Raters Strength Indicator – Other Raters rating per item (blue-strength; orange-development area). 

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