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Transformations™ Coaching Package (Beta)
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Key resources: 


Transformations: user guide 

Transformations: the seven life logics in detail 

Transformations: Vertical Development bibliography 


Additional resources: 


Transformations video: what is timely action? (featuring Bill Torbert) 

Transformations video: what is action inquiry? (featuring Bill Torbert) 

Transformations video: why do action logics matter? (featuring Bill Torbert) 

Transformations: the practice of action inquiry 

Transformations: mediated dialogue in action-research 

Transformations: theory of vertical adult development 

Transformations: Vertical Self-Estimate users guide draft 

Transformations: Vertical Development of leadership culture (text) 

Transformations webinar: Vertical Development of leadership culture (video) 

Transformations: the from-here-to-there model of human development 

Transformations webinar: Vertical Development for a complex world 

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ccl-explorer-adult-development-vertical-theory.pdf ccl-explorer-mediated-dialogue-in-action-research.pdf ccl-explorer-the-from-here-to-there-model-of-human-development.pdf ccl-explorer-the-practice-of-action-inquiry.pdf ccl-explorer-the-seven-life-logics-in-detail.pdf ccl-explorer-transformations-users-guide-v12.pdf ccl-explorer-vertical-development-bibliography.pdf ccl-explorer-vertical-development-of-leadership-culture.pdf ccl-explorer-vertical-self-estimate-users-guide-draft.pdf
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